Art Licensing Artist Annie Grant walking in Countryside

Meet the Artist

I am a professional watercolour artist living in Aberdeenshire, Scotland with my husband, daughter (age 11) and energetic english springer.

Aberdeenshire is home to an impressive 260 castles, stately homes and ruins; all nestled amongst rolling hills, rugged mountains and sweeping beaches.

I have spent many long summers exploring this stunning landscape which in turn has nurtured my curiousity with the authentic beauty surrounding me.

As a child, I remember walking in the hills, stopping to admire a meandering path, an old rusty farm gate and daisies growing in the long grass nearby.

As I paused to appreciate these moments I remember feeling completely overwhelmed by how they made me feel.

To this day, I remain mesmerised by these moments; and capturing this beauty forms the style, character and charm of the 'Annie Grant' brand.

Artist Annie Grant painting in her studio

Medium & Process

I am known for my beautiful watercolour art. My paintings are always born from a realistic perspective and capture the luminous beauty and character of what the eye can see.

Quality heavy watercolour paper always serves as my base medium and I prefer to use watercolour pans and a wide selection of brushes.  My initial drawings often enhance my paintings and I am happy to add 'touches' of pen, ink or other mediums depending on how each watercolour painting evolves.

Having trained as a botanical artist with the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh, my work incorporates both a very expressive and free-flowing, loose-brush together with a more detailed drawing, even more varied brush strokes and a natural understanding of colour theory.